Why I am excited for tomorrow’s polling day #GE2015

FOR THE past 40 something days we have had leaflets, posters, speeches, gatherings, hustings and not to mention bunting.

Candidate’s and leaders have stood up and told us why we should vote for their party, or alternatively why we shouldn’t vote for the opposing party (this all depends on which party you are talking about obviously!)

Some of us have taken note, others haven’t. Some have changed their minds and their allegiance whereas some have stayed strong and loyal to a party they have voted for in the past.

We’ve been promised change, stability and in one case a “we’ll finish the job.”

I have avoided blogging or tweeting about the election because of this (except of course retweeting the occasional funny quip or #jockalypse.) There is enough information to fill your heads with.

But the best bit of the election is yet to come for me, and that’s tomorrow. Polling day. So my silence breaks!


Tomorrow the parties all stop the campaigning, the members stop the persuading. And we get to cast our vote.

So when I go down to my local polling station tomorrow and stand in a queue with my card, I will look to those standing with me and smile and say good morning.

I have no idea who these people are going to vote for, but regardless what happens they are still my neighbor’s – no matter their opinions. Besides, it’s too late to persuade anyone this way or that way by the time they stand in the polling booth.

And once I’ve marked my cross I just have to wait and see. Nobody can do anything else once their vote has been cast.

So when I get ready for my all-nighter working on Your Radio’s election broadcast and prepare to announce to Dumbarton, Helensburgh, Clydebank and Inverclyde the winners of each constituency on the airwaves, it won’t matter my allegiance. I can’t be bias, or unfair, I can only report the facts. And that is the millions of pieces of paper being counted across the country at the same time.

Whatever happens on Friday happens, and no matter what party we vote for individually, we will all be waiting to hear the result.

Polling day brings everyone together in a strange sort of way, and that’s why it is my favourite day of the election period.

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