What should we write about and why should we write?

At school the phrase “write about what you know” came up more often than necessary. Which, to be honest, I still don’t entirely understand. I like to do the opposite. Write about what I don’t know. How else would I learn?

You should write about what interests you, and what you think interests others too. Be the one to speculate on that subject, be the one to ask the questions. You could be wrong – and if you are, someone will soon tell you.

I stopped writing for myself after I got my first ‘proper job’, claiming I was too busy to do so anymore. But boy did I miss it! As soon as I got back to writing down what was in my head I felt so much better. Write to relieve stress and to release all those thoughts in your head. Even if not for publication, just write them down.

Write to share the burden, a to do list to share the load – even if just with the bit of paper in front of you. Write to score things off – that feeling when you can highlight the task you have just completed. Write to plan, or to strategize, or to just unmuddle your brain.

Write so you can tell someone how you really feel, or so you can concentrate on not crying. Write down that joke you just heard so you can pass on the same laugh you got. Write, write, write….get it?

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