“There’s no easy way out. If there were, I would have bought it.”

Day 3 into my new exercise regime and I ache all over…now, by new exercise regime I mean spending at least an hour a day at my local gym. And how did I motivate myself? Simple. I bought a month gym pass costing £17 which means I have to go to the gym at least 5 times this month to not have wasted my money. As a student, this is a big deal! I just hope that after five days it becomes second nature and I keep going.  I want to lose some weight and get fitter so I can get some decent holiday pictures this summer.

The middle of January was not a clever time to decide that I needed to do this though as the gym is still flooded with those who decided to go to the gym more often as a ‘News Year Resolution’ – those who haven’t quite given up yet. Those who bought loads of new gym gear for the occasion…all you can smell is lycra and motivation. I battle through, with my old pair of trackies, baggy t-shirt and Ipod in hand and just hope that by February it will be quieter and I will still be going.

I like to mix my routine up a bit, cross-trainer, rowing machine, exercise bike, treadmill…but that is mainly because it is so busy in the gym that you can’t always get on what you want next. You kind of have to go with what is left, or hover in a corner somewhere until the machine you want to use next is free.

I am probably the most awkward gym-goer ever – I don’t like going on the machines that are in between two people who are totally going for it and I always try and avoid following somebody from say the treadmill to the rowing machines incase they think I am following them intentionally. I don’t like people watching me exercise and when I think they are, I overdo it.

However, I love watching the calories count up and the time go down as I sweat from every pore in my body. You get a rush from it. I can almost see why people get addicted to exercise. Not that I will be one of these people anytime soon..

I would be lying if I said I enjoyed every minute in the gym, in fact the only thing I really like about it is the feeling of satisfaction I get when I lie in my bed at night and all my tensed muscles relax and I fall asleep so easily.

I have learnt, however, that there is never an easy way out. You have to tackle these things straight on…and if this means sore shoulders, and arms, and legs for the next few weeks then so be it. By the time my membership runs out in a month I will hopefully have won.

Who knows, I might even buy myself a membership for next month too..

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