The Pride of Britain Awards

I watched the Pride of Britain Awards this week. As I imagine did many others. Something stuck out particularly to me though as I watched the show on TV and it was something that winner Tariq Jahan said:

Tariq Jahan
   “The media emphasise the bad all the time and never enough the good.”

Mr Jahan was awarded for his courage and bravery during the riots that took place this year when his son was killed in the streets. Instead of breaking down with guilt he spoke out to the people, asking them to stop the madness and to see what they were doing.

And as much as I hate to admit it, Mr Jahan’s statement at the award ceremony was right. I believe that there are good people out there and that the good people outweigh the bad in the world. The media today do seem to focus on reporting the bad news, is this because that is what the public demand to know or because bad news is easier to find? I hope you and I can agree that good news is always best and I truly believe that there is good news out there to report on.

This is why I love watching the Pride of Britain Awards because it truly recognises some of the most amazing people out there and lets everybody else recognise them for it too. People who have had one extreme act of bravery…who have beaten diseases or disabilities…who have helped other people through raising money or setting up charities…these are the people who deserve to be recognised in the media. These are the people who deserve the attention.

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