The Power of Twitter: A new way to complain.

People complain, and whinge, and moan, and complain about people whinging and moaning…Twitter and Facebook and every other social media site is full of complaints too, it can be very soul destroying reading down your feed on a rainy morning.

However,I am not going to try and convince you that I am any different, but, I do believe that when you complain you should actively do something about it (most of the time…) but, then often your complaint falls on deaf ears and it makes you complain even more…right?

Only yesterday I woke up to a situation which made me very angry, and it definitely put me in a moany and whingy mood…I received an ‘attempted delivery’ notice from the postal service (not Royal Mail – but Correos, as I am still in Spain) 20 DAYS LATE. This meant of course that my parcel had been sitting unbeknown to me, in the post office for it’s maximum time and then SENT BACK before I was even told.

So, a natural human thing to do, I stormed down to the post office to demand an explanation. When none was given I took to my computer.

Now, the complaints procedure for large organisations like this is very complicated with pages and pages of information needed which takes days or even weeks to get to the top of the tree where it should go – if it even makes it there. But I filled it in anyway.

This still didn’t satisfy my anger though.

Twitter was my next port of call, where I tweeted about the ‘awful service’ for Correos – making sure to attach them to my tweet. ¬†Low and behold, they replied within minutes, quick to defend themselves and offering all the help under the sun!

Now, the issue still hasn’t been resolved, and probably never will…but I feel much better now I have directly spoken to someone who wanted to help.

The fact it takes public social media defamation of these sorts of organisations to get your complaints heard is ridiculous – and goes to show the power of social media!

I know this isn’t the only case, it happens all the time – where people are only heard via social media. No wonder people complain so much….


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