The National newspaper does more than say Yes.

THE PILOT week of Scotland’s newest newspaper has come to a close and it looks like it is here to stay. Hurray!



The National is Scotland’s only independence backing daily newspaper – edited by Sunday Herald editor Richard Walker.


There are old newspaper cynics and staunch no and yes voters who will argue over The Nationals existence and whether it deserves a place on the news stand.


I believe it should, and not because of any political allegiance or because of how I voted in Scotland’s 2014 referendum, but because I believe in good journalism.


In a perfect world we as journalists would all be impartial, would only report the facts and would never piss off anyone of our readers, listeners or audiences. It is not a perfect world though.


Throughout Scotland’s 2014 Independence Referendum there were THIRTY THREE Scottish newspapers. One which was neutral, one which came out as a Yes supporter (Sunday Herald) and THIRTY ONE who said they backed No. Seen as the result was 45/55 to respectively, you can hardly argue that the public were represented correctly…


They say if you can’t beat them then join them, well that is what I feel The National is doing. If we can’t stop the impartiality then why not join the underdog and bring equality to it.


I was disappointed at how our other established newspapers welcomed the newbie this week. The Guardian claiming “The National flying the flag for Scottish Independence” as a headline. Yes, it may back independence, but it is also a NEWSPAPER and reported the news like every other paper that day…The Guardian failed to notice that.


At 50p, it is affordable and at the minute has minimal advertising which I tend to find irritating in a newspaper and is therefore an enjoyable read. Okay, financially this may not work out in the long run, but let us see how it does first.

Scotland’s newspaper industry has proved this week that is is not dying, it is thriving – all it needed was a bit of shaking up. Good luck to The National and to all of its rivals. I am impressed.

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