#CitizenRelay Reflective

An article I wrote intended for The Guardian’s Data Blog… A project that got citizen […]


If I compare what I have learnt from sitting in a lecture theatre all year […]

Reflecting on First Year

I have finished my first ever year of university and my efforts in becoming a […]

Oh I do wish to be beside the seaside…

The Sun (as in the great big orange thing in the sky, not the ridiculously […]

Could you?

A Conservative Minister in Wales has given up something interesting for lent this year. Twitter. […]

Let’s Clarify This: Student Journalists Are Real Journalists. Fact.

One of my colleagues and friends just posted a wonderfully written blog post entitled “Students […]

It’s the small things in life that matter.

I stumbled across a blog recently (and I don’t mean by using stumbleupon) called ‘366 […]

Valentines Day – What is it really all about?

Apparently around 150 million Valentine‚Äôs Day cards are exchanged annually, making it the second most […]


Somebody said to me the other day (a friend worryingly enough,) “You can find friends […]