Student Life and Buses.

“SHE’S JUST a student, she won’t see daylight until mid afternoon.”

I hear it all the time from non-students. Those people with one job and one daily commute. Yes, I have about two hours class a week – but I also have a million assignments, three zero hour contract jobs, work experience. Oh, and dare I say a social life to fit in!

I complain, but I love it really. The variety in my life as a fourth year student is insane. It is a hiatus between childhood school days and real working life. My calendar is my bible and without it I would fall flat on my face.

For example, I am on the bus whilst I write this. The most productive hour of my day is my commute from Rutherglen to Glasgow and back. It is where I check my emails, do my online Christmas shopping, read my literature for my seminars. You get some funny looks when you produce a 400 page book entitle ‘Get Me A Murder A Day!’ An interesting read I must say. But how do you concentrate anywhere else when you get home and your flat needs cleaned, washing needs hung up and your other half wants to tell you about his day? You do not.

So far this week I have spent 15 hours filing in an office so I can pay my rent. I have spent a day working with a radio production team walking around Glasgow with a recorder asking members of the public if they would take a DNA test to find out their future (I should point out that I am a journalism student and was working for a topical speech radio programme.) I have hung out in the computer lab working on assignments with my friends, attended revision classes for an exam I have next week. Oh and I spent a morning in my pyjamas, in my bed with a mug of coffee, creating a presentation on my laptop (we have to live up to some of the student stereotypes after all!)

My week has been a crazy constant dash from one place to another. Completing tasks before being handed another. It is like one giant computer game. Passing levels, moving up and never seeing the finish.

When I was applying to university four years ago from my high school I had absolutely no idea that this would be my life. I also had no idea how fast it would go and no idea I would love it so much.

You can have all the stereotypes of students as you like but when you live the life of one you do not care what they are!

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