Glasgow was creating a buzz on twitter last week as Social Media Week opened up the city to new possibilities.

Nearly 11, 000 ‘tweets’ were posted on the social media site last month about the event.

The worldwide event had conferences, lectures and workshops set up to explore the social, cultural and economic impact that social media has.

Daniela Castrano, the co-founder and co-director of Twintangibles, the company which brought SMW to Glasgow, said that they wanted to start a conversation in the city, “Glasgow is a very creative city and a very sociable city with a big digital community; it deserved to be a host city.”

Media experts weren’t the only ones there- many professions were found across all the venues. The attendance was up by about 15% on last year’s figures with more than 4,000 people registering to go to events.

Glasgow Science Centre, STV and Glasgow Caledonian University were among places open all week for hosting events.

Michael MacLeod, a journalist with STV local, who took part in holding an event, said, “Glasgow’s social media voices keep the city buzzing online. Putting faces to those accounts helps to demystify things and opens new doors.”

However, Mr MacLeod said that the already wide spread social media activity in the city affected the way their event was held, “Initially we had planned our event to take the form of a workshop, we quickly realised the majority of attendees were well up to speed already and the social media surgery element didn’t need to play such a big role.”

Glasgow seems positive in becoming a host city again next September; however organisers cannot confirm this.

Photography: Karen V Bryan

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