Should we be treating everyone like our Grandmothers?

The idea of ‘every man for himself’ seems to have gone out the window in a world where our retired seem to be outnumbering our workers.

A report by the Global AgeWatch Index 2013 has shown that it is the high-income countries that have shown the highest jump in life-expectancy.

Sweden and Norway scored the best showing the best income security and health status for their elderly population.

However, with growing life expectancy, the costs of looking after the elderly are increasing – causing retirement ages to be raised to stop the pensioners outnumbering the working population.

So, the question on everyone’s lips is: should we be looking after the elderly as much as we do? Or do we ‘treat everyone as our Gran’ as the old saying goes.

The UK came 13th on the list, scoring better in life expectancy than health.

Robert*, a care worker in a public home for the elderly in the UK said, “It can cost thousands per month to live a miserable confusing existence where they are lucky if anyone even comes in to see them.”

“I don’t know if it is a good thing that people live longer. I mean, if they are mobile and able to make decisions then that’s good, they are still able to live life with dignity. If not they are not really living their lives, they are just there. If they were making any breakthroughs with dementia then I would say yeah, fund it, but there isn’t anything substantial.”



*wanted to remain anonymous

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