#100faces, #100voices

King Lambie Productions, the organisation which I co-direct with my other half Cameron, has a dream […]

A bargain isn’t always what it seems

WHEN my other half, Cameron, and I go away anywhere we like to take it […]

Why I am excited for tomorrow’s polling day #GE2015

FOR THE past 40 something days we have had leaflets, posters, speeches, gatherings, hustings and […]

I had written an autobiography yet I hadn’t really lived.

When asked what is most interesting about you, or what your hobbies are, most people […]

What life teaches you as a student

THE OTHER week I was cycling to work through the city centre on my new […]

Enjoying one day at time.

THINGS are much better when you enjoy life one day at a time. We all […]

Student Life and Buses.

“SHE’S JUST a student, she won’t see daylight until mid afternoon.” I hear it all […]

Who said structure?

There were the kids who feared going to primary school, and then there were those […]