New Parents in Lockdown: Food, food, food.

When I told everyone I was expecting my first baby they all said ‘it’ll be the hardest, but most rewarding thing you’ll ever do in your life’…little did they know what was to come.

I’d smile, hold back the sickness that a green apple (because for some reason my growing child only accepted red apples) was about to bring, and think that there couldn’t be anything harder than dealing with all the symptoms of pregnancy. My clothes didn’t fit me anymore, I was constantly tired but couldn’t sleep and the heartburn was indescribable – and my daily life went on. How naïve.

However, I now find myself muddling through parenthood, basically making it up as I go along, whilst the world around me is in chaos with a pandemic virus upon us.

So with all the free time that cancelled baby groups and activities can afford me I am going to write a series of blogs about my journey into parenthood and the crazy world we live in.


Eat out to help out. But eat healthy. We eat too much. Do you really need to go to pubs and restaurants as often as you do? Do you really need to go? Do you?

I think we are all confused at the messaging just now, however it has come at a topical time for us as we have started the process of weaning, which in turn is kicking our own eating habits into gear. (Yes, we have a baby that is old enough and interested enough to eat actual food.) It’s literally all about eating in our house just now.

In one of my earlier posts I talked about people bringing us food just after the baby was born, then the restrictions of lockdown encouraged us to be better at meal prep so we only had to shop once a week. We even dug out the slow cooker. However, as restrictions eased, so did our attitude and we began to “support local” by getting an increasing amount of deliveries from nearby restaurants!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a terrible cook and baker. I hate it, I hate the preparation and I hate the cleaning up afterwards. The bit in the middle where whatever you prepared is self sufficiently cooking in the oven is okay I suppose.

I have, however, found my niche in baby food prep! My steamer and blender is the best thing ever, and there is something therapeutic about tiny little tupperware pots with labels (except when it comes to washing them and it’s level 10 find the lids that match the pots game.)

Strong prep game.

I’ve always been quite a fussy eater and I am not at all adventurous. I don’t like certain textures of food and don’t really enjoy trying new flavours. Cheese sandwiches all the way thank you! It’s been pretty important for me not to pass this on to my son and therefore I have been giving him all manner of weird and wonderful foods, textures and combinations.

He actually eats like a king. Today for lunch, for example, my son had courgette, pea and mint purée (from Joe Wicks Wean in 15) and me and my husband had…cheese sandwiches. It’s a good job we’ve not ventured to eat out yet – “we’ll have two pie and beans, and some caviar for junior over there.”

It’s really exciting watching someone, with no preconceptions, taste something for the first time. And then try again, and again. The only thing he hasn’t taken to after a few tastes so far is cauliflower. We can start to carve a path for how healthy, and how varied, he will eat in the future. How will he know how amazing chocolate is until we give him it? He can grow up knowing that strawberries can be a sweet treat and a healthy piece of fruit at the same time.

We are doing it with him as well, I ate avocado and my husband ate his most hated food, mushrooms, with him (I admittedly couldn’t do it!) We need to show him that we are also willing to give different things a go.

As for the eat out, help out, eat less, don’t go but do go to pubs and restaurants thing. Although I am in no rush to go back to pubs and restaurants anytime soon, I am looking forward to the day we can go out, sit down as a family and order food for three!

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