My Sitcom Life: King Lambie is back in action once again after a long summer. A lot has happened since I was last able to blog, for instance I completed the bungee jump!

But anyway, now the summer is over it’s the beginning of a new year…not January, but as a student it marks the beginning of the new academic calendar and is the perfect time to be adopting this attitude. This September it is even more important for me to up my game.

Over the summer my partner and I set up our own media company creating radio shows and hosting community events. As well as getting back to studying I am still going to be working and maintaining my summers’ efforts. The company still needs to progress especially with the media and cultural industries moving fast.

In the past month we have found ourselves in a high school in the middle of nowhere, a radio studio in an old air raid shelter, a derelict bandstand, on top of university tower, locked in a student radio station and in a studio so hot the equipment went into meltdown. It’s been madness, but also great fun and completely worthwhile.

So why set up a company in the middle of my four years honours degree? Simple.

Being between the ages of 16 and 25 provides the best opportunities for gaining space and funding through organisations such as Somewhereto_ and O2 Think Big. These rare pockets of money can get you on your feet and give you a fighting chance, all you have to do is access them. We have found these particularly helpful in gaining a network of young people like us too which has in turn found us work.

The networks you gain from being within an institution can also help boost projects you are working on and offer lots of help and advice; this isn’t always going to be there so why not use it while you can. So far we have found that the equipment available to current students is extremely helpful and has also saved us loads on studio costs.

As much as it may seem, you have nothing to lose at this age. If our company fails (*touch wood*) then we both have studies to go back to and other opportunities at hand. Not that we have planned for that to happen of course.

Right now we have finished one project and simultaneously started two more; rapidly getting busier but definitely not complaining. There is no better feeling than being your own boss, nobody to fight my wild ideas except my colleague, whose ideas are even wilder!

It is a learning curve and to have no expectations upon us means that even when an idea fails, we have no qualms in trying out another.

If you had told me even 12 months ago that I would be running my own company that is gathering interest, followers and credibility then I would have said you were nuts. But here I am, getting ready to get back to my studies as well as juggling a thriving young business.

Here’s the bit I missed out though.

I’ll be studying in Barcelona, approximately 1,337 miles away from HQ. Let’s hope that my new residence will offer me new and helpful ideas, as oppose to halting progress. Time can only tell…

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