My Sitcom Life: Barcelona days: NO IDEA.

Okay, first off I apologise for my lack of blogging – now I have no idea where to start.

Barcelona is still going great though, busier with work now though, and less busy with visitors. I only have three and a half weeks left…

Since I last wrote, myself and Shannon have had NINE different people come and visit us. My Mum, Dad and brother, Shannon’s parents and sister, my wonderful boyfriend Cameron, my friend Louisa and Shannon’s best friend Alice…my friend Donna is still to come…

Barcelona Football

Every time a visitor comes we go on holiday again! (Kind of..) The in-between has been hard grafting in the library… (Kind of…)

The university is great, the modules we are doing are mostly great too – however, I miss the practical work which was part of our weekly timetable back in Glasgow. I haven’t seen the inside of a radio studio in months and it is a little frustrating.

I think it is the practical work, the news gathering, the interviewing, the CREATING of content that makes us feel like journalists. When you get caught up in the theory, don’t get me wrong it is interesting, but you begin to doubt your abilities of becoming an actual practitioner.

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed the theory, the researching and the different style of teaching – but it has assured me that a vocational course was the best thing for me to choose back in sixth year when I applied for university.

I have often though that maybe I will become an eternal student, discover fantastic things through research and then teach it all to other students: but now I know for sure that that is not what I really want. I want to go out and work and do fantastic things with the news and the radio – maybe use everything I learn in academia after all that.

So, as I have been studying here, not doing any practical work and ‘holidaying’ in Barcelona – I have been feeling less like a journalist as I had in Glasgow and more like a student. Even International Community Media Day didn’t help.


It wasn’t until Cameron King (colleague, best friend and boyfriend) said something, well a few things, that I snapped out of this. He probably didn’t even realise…but I will thank him forever.

I am back, I promise to write more often, to have more stories for you to read and to stop over-thinking my life.




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