My Sitcom Life: Barcelona Day 1.

The latest news: I am here.

I am in Barcelona, in an apartment (paid for in full), for the next three months.

As part of an Erasmus exchange my friend Shannon and I have flown out here to do a semester of our Multimedia Journalism course as part of our third year. We have moved from GCU (Glasgow Caledonian University) to UPF (Universitat Pompeu Fabre.)

I will be keeping you all updated as to how it is going over the next three months so keep tuned to here all about my sitcom life: Barcelona.

Today we met at Glasgow International Airport at 6 am, bleary eyed from lack of sleep and crying, to catch our flight out to Barcelona Terminal 2.

I had obviously known about this trip for months, and had lots of time to prepare, but I when I looked at my suitcase sitting in the living room before I left to catch the bus to the airport I felt like I knew absolutely nothing. It didn’t look big enough to hold three months’ worth of stuff.

And when I looked at my boyfriend, best friend and business partner (3-in-1) Cameron at the airport, I couldn’t remember any of the reasons that made me want to go on exchange so badly. Leaving him standing in the airport as I walked through to departures is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Give the boy a medal for putting up with me and my crazy ventures!

You make it through though, and after what felt like a quick nap on the plane we were almost there, the next bit was going to be a doddle compared to what I had just had to do at the airport. Shannon and I effortlessly got our bags, found the bus into Barcelona city centre (Playa del Catalunya), bought a map and got directions to the apartment office.

When we got there, we even got the keys early!

So, we continued on and dragged our suitcases through the centre of Barcelona, got on a bus and made it to our wee apartment in Barceloneta: a stone’s throw from the beach in a quiet wee side street.

All was well, until we squeezed ourselves up the tiny lift and into the tiny stairwell, and couldn’t open the front door with our keys!


The thought of dragging our suitcases all the way back to the apartment office was sickening. My back was sore from carrying the laptop and my hands red raw from dragging the case.

Thankfully, our new neighbour appeared and helped us out. It takes some knack to opening it and I guess that helps make us feel safer. Nobody is getting in here!

The apartment is really small but clean, modern and exactly what we need.  After a wee rest (and practice of the lock again), we went out for some food and a walk around the harbour.

Barcelona is full of boats, yachts, cruise ships, cyclists, cars, surfers, etc. People moving everywhere! There is a cable car which runs across the bay and up to the hills too which will definitely be something I will be doing in the next three months.

The weather wasn’t too great today, quite clammy but drizzly – but even then the sea was full of people.  It didn’t stop us eating ice cream either to be fair…

We have also been trying to contact the university today, and although we are no closer to finding out about inductions yet. We do have a time and a place for Erasmus students to meet tomorrow and a huge list of activities that Shannon and I are determined to complete by December.

A long day with over 1,000 miles travelled.


Adios amigos!

G x

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