Let’s Clarify This: Student Journalists Are Real Journalists. Fact.

One of my colleagues and friends just posted a wonderfully written blog post entitled “Students and Bloggers are not ‘real’ Journalists” You should check it out here… http://rjtnib.blogspot.com/2012/02/students-and-bloggers-are-not-real.html

I feel it is important for me, as a student and a blogger, to follow up her point and support her in her views.

We have all been there, been mocked for our choice of career, put up with comments about lies and phone hacking. Which, admittedly, I laugh along with. What else can we do?

But to be mocked by somebody who is working for an organisation we are actually and will actually be helping is a bit below the belt, don’t you think? The Glasgow Film Festival I imagine will be around for a great number or years yet, why wouldn’t it, it is successful, is it not? Who helps the Glasgow Film Festival get the success they have but the journalists who publicise the event. Over 33,000 tickets were sold for it last year.(http://www.glasgowfilm.org/assets/0001/0550/endoffestivalprfinal.pdf)

In about ten years time, myself and the rest of my colleagues will be the ones running the show – we will be the ones with the skills and the knowledge to help organisations get the press that they need. Don’t mock the ones who will soon be helping you, that will get you nowhere.

I just want to be clear in saying that I am not getting at The Glasgow Film Festival at all, but sadly the individual who chose to look down on students and bloggers. There are many more of them out there too.

The students and trainee journalists out there work hard, I know, because I do. We are the ones who are learning old tricks, new tricks and preparing ourselves for what else will come our way in the future. Soon, with social media rapidly advancing, we will be able to do more with your news than any old journalist today can.

And to the students and bloggers out there just now, I advise you to do the same as my colleague and I and put this message out there to anybody who stands in your way.


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