It’s the small things in life that matter.

I stumbled across a blog recently (and I don’t mean by using stumbleupon) called ‘366 Random Acts of Kindness’ which I thought was brilliant and inspirational…and well, a damn good idea!

The owner of the blog, simply known to his followers as ‘Ryan’ is from the United States decided that he was going to show one act of kindness each day for the whole of 2012.

Reading his blog and some of the things he has done so far (and we are only 50 days into the year) it is pretty inspirational; it really does give meaning to ‘it’s the small things in life that matter.’

So far he has done things like tidy the entire house, and donate money to charities,¬†and become pen friends with a sick child…some of the things are brilliant, but small. It’ll take some effort on his part though…

Take a look at his blog here:

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