It is not all about knowing, it is all about what order to know stuff in.

Okay, the title is not strictly true. But it helps to explain what I learned yesterday.

After a bit of skeptical internal moaning and a train journey to Edinburgh, I went on a one day course to learn about communications strategy.

These courses always seem like a good idea until the day before, then you think about all the work time you are missing and the to do list which is ever growing, but I made sure I went.

When I arrived and sat down I was pleased to see how engaged and enthusiastic the guy was that was taking the workshop. The subject ‘communications strategy’ is particularly relevant to myself in my role so I also made the effort to get excited about learning something new to enhance what I was already doing.

However it wasn’t long before my enthusiasm began to falter. As he went through his introduction he started to talk about SMART objectives, the audience, the budget; everything I had already been thinking about. Maybe I wasn’t going to learn something new.

How wrong was I.

Despite the fact I didn’t learn any new part of creating a strategy, I learned how to organise what I know. Which isn’t something I had ever thought about.

Turns out there is an order to knowing what you know; or more practically, doing what you know.

Once you think about all of the individual parts in a particular order; strategy gets a whole lot more simpler.  And then so does your delivery plan; which impacts your motivation, your workload, general happiness…and so on.

So what is the order:

  1. Be SMART (with your objectives.)
  2. Think about WHO your stakeholders, influencers and general audience are.
  3. What CHANNELS will you use (more importantly what channels do your audience use!)
  4. What is your BUDGET (this is your get out clause!)
  5. What MESSAGE do you want to your audience to know (How often can you ask, “so what?”)
  6. Think about your DELIVERY (less strategy more action.)
  7. How are you measuring your SUCCESS?
  8. REVIEW. What would you repeat? What would you change?

I came back buzzing and I am now looking forward to putting this into practice!

Until next time,

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