I’m talking about the wedding I never thought I would – my own…

I have grown up in a world of wedding talk.

My Mum is a registrar which means that a Sunday dinner chat would consist of exciting and unusual weddings that she had worked at the previous day.

Also being one of the youngest amongst the cousins meant that there was always a wedding being planned in the family every other year.

But now I find myself talking about weddings in a way I never thought I would; my own.

Even writing about it now sounds strange, me? A wedding?

I always assumed I was meant for a career – a strange assumption as a child that you can only have one or the other.

I never wanted to become a housewife – or fall into a stereotypical man and wife situation – and I still don’t.

But, when my one and only asked me if I would marry him, a yes just rolled off my tongue. No question about it.

So now I go to work, a job I have worked hard to get, and one where I get to make decisions – and I wear my engagement ring.

When we both get home at night, we talk about our jobs, take it in turns to do the washing or the dishes and nothing has changed since he asked me, except I wear this ring.

There is just this unspoken confirmation that we have both agreed to spend the rest of our lives together – as we have always done.

And it is amazing!

I know this sounds old fashioned, and the roles of husband and wife changed a long time ago – but as a child you learn the old fashioned.

Therefore as I grew into my teens there was always that slight fear that once you said yes to someone, your role would change into that stereotypical wife.

And, I can happily say it hasn’t. We are still the same Cameron and Gillian as we were when we first met – we just have a wedding to plan now!

However, by contradiction I still want a beautiful white wedding dress, men in kilts and my own stamp on the actual day. As all women want!

But, like I get to have a career as much as he does, he will also get a say about what happens on the actually day (or at least he will think he will!)

It is my, *our*, wedding day after all…

Originally posted on the Evening Times website on 10th September 2015.

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