I am trying to figure out office etiquette

My last column was all about my new job with Scottish Cycling, and the pressure that you feel when you are taking over someone else’s role. Well I think I can safely say that my job is going well…

Now I find myself working amongst a team, in an office on a daily basis, quickly trying to figure out ‘office etiquette.’

I am talking about the endless round of teas and coffee’s, home baking, colleagues birthdays…and in an office where you can look at the velodrome 24/7 – cycling competition.

In my first week I drank double the amount of coffee than I usually would – but have since learned to occasionally say no.

Then there is the panic over who buys the milk, teabags, coffee and sugar – is there a rota? You don’t want to look too keen to buy the office shopping when you don’t drink a lot of coffee – but then you need to know when it is your turn to do so.

Then there is the issue of mugs. Who has what mug, are people picky about this? All these questions that make offering everyone a cuppa a terrifying thought.

Then the ultimate problem…remembering who takes what in the hot drink.

Do they like it milky, sugary, strong or weak? I am only just managing to remember everyone’s names!

I am also in an office where cake is a must – this is definitely not a bad thing – however it does mean that at some point I will be obliged to take in said baked good. I have already warned them that this will be a Tesco buy and definitely not from my kitchen. Burnt or undercooked cake is not a good impression.

Then there is the pros and cons of working in an office full of cyclists. There is always someone to fix your bike or offer advice – but there is also the competition.

The office sprint team, netball team and the constant chat about commuting or miles covered over the weekend. Some people race their bikes, others just leisurely cycle. But if you are not accredited on the velodrome then there is the daily teasing…

Of course I am only kidding – teasing aside – it has motivated me to cycle more and push myself more. I completed my first two levels on the track before Christmas and had never gone back. I now find myself signed up to finish the accreditation off, three weeks into the job.

Working in an office is great. There are always people to bounce ideas off, and in this particular office, always people to motivate you.

So wish me luck on the velodrome track, who knows, maybe I’ll get good enough to join the sprint team.

And maybe, if I help them win, I’ll get forgiven for my lack of baking skills…

Originally posted on the Evening Times website on 6th August 2015.

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