How Relaxing Is Your Music?

I found an article on when I was doing my usual routine of wasting time by browsing Stumbleupon (best website ever, seriously) about how scientists had found out what the most relaxing song ever was.

The result was Marconi Union – Weightless, followed by artists like Coldplay and Mozart in the top 10 they had created.

I was intrigued as to how they could possibly know this so continued to read further down the page. Apparently it has been proven that the heart will synchronise with a continuous rhythm of 60 beats per minute…which the song weightless is played to. Low underlying bass tones are also meant to relax you too.

So, anyway I decided to listen to a few of the tracks in the top 10 to see if the article was right, to see if I could relax.

First of all I listened to number 1 on the list, Weightless by Marconi Union. I did not agree. The song only made me need to pee, however this could be because I became more relaxed when listening to the song. Maybe with an empty bladder I would have fallen right asleep…who knows.

Coldplay – Strawberry Swing was my next choice of song from the list, mainly because I already had it on my Ipod. A good song, but not so relaxing either. I kept singing along because I knew the words. I didn’t feel anymore relaxed than I had before I started listening, but then again, I had just been listening to ‘the most relaxing song’ previously.

Lastly a song called We Can Fly – Cafe Del Mar. I hoped this one would have more luck.

But no. It was so bad I had to turn it off half way through.

So, yeah, scientists might be right in saying that songs that are 60 beats per minute calm your heart down, and low underlying bass tones are meant to be relaxing…etc, etc. However, they chose terrible songs to prove their point with….

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