A two year old girl was run over TWICE before passers-by stopped to help.

Video footage of the incident has been leaked onto the internet and has caused outrage.
The girl, named Yue Yuem, was run over in the streets of Foshan City, China, by a van driver on October 13.
More than a dozen people passed the girl, who was lying bleeding on the road, before somebody came to her aid.
I watched the video footage on the Daily Mail website this evening:
I was personally shocked by the article and although it doesn’t fit in with the idea of inspiration and success I am trying to get across in my blog I thought it was important to post this story.
I think it is shocking that this could happen, anywhere in the world, and it makes me wonder what is wrong with the human race. I would think that anyone who sees another person in pain, particularly a TWO YEAR OLD CHILD, would go and help instantly. It should be an immediate reaction.
I would hope that you are just as shocked about this story as I am.  It has certainly made me think. I hope those people who walked past and ignored the girl bleeding out on the floor are thinking about it now and feel guilty for doing so. Would you be that person who leaves an innocent child lying there?

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