Having a car is like having a baby

I told you in my previous blogs about my new job – this time it is all about my new car.

Well my first car *cough* OUR first car.

Myself and my other half Cameron decided it was time to invest in four wheels after spending the past year on two. It means we can go a little further, faster.

We don’t really need one, both of us working less than minutes from our front door by bicycle – but we both wanted one.

But it turns out there is more to buying and having a car, than just buying and having a car…

You have to get the right one for a start, one that suits you and one that you feel comfortable in. There is so many to choose from and so many different ways of buying them. We just wanted the perfect one to turn up outside our flat with the keys in the ignition.

This is an issue finding the right car when one of us is a midget 5”4 and the other a giant 6”1 – thank god for adjustable seats and steering wheels.

Then there is insurance and registering the car. Which one of us becomes the registered owner, who goes first on the insurance?

So when you have all that down, the discussions have been had and you have found the perfect car (a beautiful, shiny, flash red VW Polo!) all you think is left to do is get a car air freshener and off you go.

If only.

Having a car, is like having a baby!

Where shall we keep it? Is it safe? Who gets to drive first and where too? What CD’s get to stay in the glove box? Who chooses what is listened to on the journey? (I remain adamant that decision belongs to the co-pilot and NOT the driver.)

Then comes the ‘who is the better driver’ conversation.

Constant teasing – we owe each other so many fivers from bets on driver errors that I have lost count and I think we will just have to decide we’ve broken even.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The time spent in the car, wherever we are going, is great. There is no work, no household chores or television to distract each other. The best conversations happen in the car.

The sense of freedom you get, knowing you can get wherever you want whenever you want is another bonus. A team of two against the world.

So do we need a car? Not really. Do we enjoy having one? Yes!

The road trips are planned and I can’t wait…

Originally posted on the Evening Times website on 28th August 2015.

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