Students at GCU head for Seattle after winning a competition which encourages people to be more environmentally friendly.

The university has also won a 50, 000 pound development grant.

Glasgow Caledonian University teamed up with Green Oak Solutions to succeed in the Enviro App Competition where they created a web and phone app called Care2Compare.

The competition was set up by the Scottish Government to try and find another way of reaching Scotland’s reduced emission target. There were around 50 entrants made up of individuals and teams.

There were many different kinds of apps created, including one which encouraged people to cycle to work. However, Care2Compare is all about trying to explain to people about the carbon journey and is aimed at small businesses that don’t have the resources to think about their impact on the environment.

Professor of Waste and Resource Management, Jim Baird, headed GCU’s small team of two students – Web System Development student Max Engesu and Waste Management student Martin Garrett – in succeeding in the event.

He said that the app was all about “communicating the message and getting people to realise they can save money too.

GCU has been working hard to help the Scottish Government reach its target of a 42% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. Currently, since 1990 Scotland has lowered its emissions by 30% so we are on the road to reaching our target.”

The next steps for developing app is to get some more of the university’s students involved, this time looking to the media department for help in creating some better animations for the easy to use software.

The two students will also head to Microsoft HQ in the USA as second prize, which was won because of the amount of Microsoft software used, was also awarded to the team.

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