Every Scot has something to say…

It is a Scottish trait to play down the stories in your life.

When asked ‘what is the most interesting thing you have ever done?’ a Scot will automatically say, ‘nothing, I live a pretty boring life me…’

I am definitely a culprit of this, so after spending a few weeks thinking that because my student life was now nearly over, my exciting life would be too, I decided to snap out of it and make the most of my new dissertation free evenings.



So a project which had been planned, started, put back on the shelf again, was dusted off and has been turbo boosted into existence.

100 Faces, 100 Voices – admittedly the brain child of my other half Cameron – is a project archiving the people of Scotland, using only short audio clips and smiley faces.

For a few years he has had a vision of a website filled with tiles of beautiful pictures, all with a hidden story behind them. Once he told me his vision, I took him imagination and creativity, combined it with my practicality and implementing skills and decided we could make this happen.

So the boring paperwork and budgets were completed, the long process of setting up has now been finished, and the exciting bit has begun.

In the past week I have had to develop my online skills and have fallen into a world of wordpress and coding. Figuring out how to format everything  – content isn’t great content until it looks good!

I have also spent every free minute in between my 9 – 5 job talking to as many people as possible to find as many contributors for the project to get the ball rolling.

So far I have been correct in my perceptions – every single person has said ‘me? i am not interesting’ BUT after some chat, and more in depth conversation, I have found out that everyone has a story.

Therefore I believe the project will be a success.

So far I have talked to someone who has tried all seventeen commonwealth sports, has tried the top ten careers that every child wants to be when they grow up and – as you may have guessed – is a Herald blogger!

I have also heard that my lecturer was arrested in the House of Commons when he was young for interrupting Margaret Thatcher – and heard a story about a very brave young women who is not going to let mental health ruin her chances at her career.

So the next time you think you are boring – think again – because everyone has a story.

And incase you forget, record your story, archive it on 100Faces-100Voices.co.uk, and find out who else has an interesting story around you.

Every Scot has something to say!



Originally published on Evening Times website here.

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