Enjoying one day at time.

THINGS are much better when you enjoy life one day at a time.

We all spend our days worrying about what is coming next and I am one of the biggest culprits of this. Particularly when we have deadlines in our education or work or appointments in our personal life. Even more so when changes in your life are looming.

I will be finished my degree soon – which means I need to fill the void that will be left once graduation passes.

The freelance contracts I am working on could end at any second, at the drop of a hat, without any warning. This will have a knock on effect financially and mentally.

People close to you get older, some people get iller, other move on with their lives and become no part of yours anymore.

But when you stop. Realise that this is just life. And then get on with yours, enjoying everyday as it comes – it is so much better.

I love my course, I love my university, I love everything that I am doing – so instead of being sad that it will end soon, I am going to enjoy every single shred that I have left.

In the same respect I love my job. I have already had the opportunity to do some of the coolest things I only ever imagined when I was at school. I have worked on the most amazing projects and I met the most amazing people along the way. So I am going to enjoy it. Every single shift is one more on my watch, one more I can enjoy.

And when, if, these things end. I will know that they were worth it.

Sorry, but worrying can wait.

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