Could you?

A Conservative Minister in Wales has given up something interesting for lent this year. Twitter. Or tweeting to be exact.

David Jones has almost 3,000 followers who have been supportive since he gave up tweeting almost three weeks ago. One of them tweeted him saying: “I also feel a bit more stillness is sometimes needed, particularly at this time of year.”

It sounds easy but would it really be?

The website, formed in 2006, has nearly 300 million users and is growing fast in nearly every industry. There have been cases where people feel they are addicted to websites like Twitter and Facebook. Social-media. How long can you go without checking for notifications? A few days, a few hours? I hold my hands up and say I am addicted; not many people aren’t.

Just Google ‘twitter addiction’ and you receive hundreds of millions of websites. ‘Find out if you have a twitter addiction.” “Are you addicted to twitter?” “Seven steps to losing your twitter addiction.” You may laugh now, but it’s true. It is a real addiction.

It is scary, the power that these websites have over us, but to say that I would give them up would be a lie. They have so many benefits and help so many people to keep in contact, help businesses to become successful and help politicians to communicate with their constituents it would be stupid to let all that go.

However, maybe we should sometimes take the ‘stillness’ that Mr Jones’ follower talked about. See what the world is like without it, take a breath and not get caught up in the fast moving web of the internet.

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