#CitizenRelay: Did they choose the right route?

The Olympic torch will be arriving in Scotland on June 8 and will be stopping in over 100 locations.

Everyone I have spoken to so far has been positive about the torch, everyone is excited and those who have the torch passing their street feel very lucky.
In areas where the torch isn’t going people are still celebrating or willing to travel to the nearest hot spot. I’m pretty sure this is what the organisers wanted.
However, what about those who have to organise the logistics of the events taking place in the small locations chosen by the torch route?
In Moray, for example, the only place the torch hits is Tomintoul – a beautiful but small community in the south of the region.  Visitors, from as far away as 40 miles are expected to descend on the village on June 11 for the Olympic torch celebrations.
Organisers are busy trying to figure out how they can best use the area to give it a maximum capacity.  Residents are worried about parking and visitors are worried that they will have to walk miles just to get to the village.
Mark, the owner of Glentorets Bed & Breakfast in Tomintoul tells us about the local concerns;

Moray Council have been involved in the planning along with the community planning group set up to help.

Looking at the map of the torch route, you can see that Tomintoul organising committee will not be the only ones getting a bit apprehensive as the torch get closer.  Small villages across the country will be flooded with onlookers on the day the torch passes them and not their neighbouring towns.
However, I don’t think anyone will be giving up their chance to host the Olympic torch, no matter how difficult it is going to be.

Photography by Karen Lambie.

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