Charity Bungee Jump: “Dafties throwing ourselves off a bridge.”

Since I was diagnosed with (very mild and doesn’t affect my life at all) Epilepsy in October 2012 I have wanted to raise money for the cause; for those people who it does affect on a daily basis.

A few weeks ago I was working on an article about the condition, and how National Doodle Day was raising money for it. You can read it here to find out more about epilepsy.

The people I spoke to when writing the article inspired me and motivated me to do something.

This coincided with my friend at work wanting to complete a ‘bucket list’ (She is only 21 but whatever…) and she was trying to persuade me to do a bungee jump with her. I said the only way I would do a bungee jump would be if it was raising money for a good cause.

And there the idea was born.

Some other dafties at work decided they wanted in on the jump and now a team of us will be jumping on June 1st for Epilepsy Scotland.

Bungee Jump

I am absolutely terrified so would love it if we could raise as much money as possible to make it worthwhile. Please donate by clicking here.




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