My Sitcom Life: Barcelona Day 1.

The latest news: I am here. I am in Barcelona, in an apartment (paid for […]

My Sitcom Life: King Lambie is back in action once again after a long summer. A lot has happened […]

‘Who’s the Mammy?’ – Why work experience is important.

‘Who’s the Mammy?’ is a one off BBC Radio Scotland feature programme which aired on […]

The Leveson Report – What does it really mean for us?

In the past week I have been reading the Leveson Report, in two days’ time […]

#CitizenRelay Reflective

An article I wrote intended for The Guardian’s Data Blog… A project that got citizen […]


If I compare what I have learnt from sitting in a lecture theatre all year […]

Reflecting on First Year

I have finished my first ever year of university and my efforts in becoming a […]

Oh I do wish to be beside the seaside…

The Sun (as in the great big orange thing in the sky, not the ridiculously […]

Could you?

A Conservative Minister in Wales has given up something interesting for lent this year. Twitter. […]

Let’s Clarify This: Student Journalists Are Real Journalists. Fact.

One of my colleagues and friends just posted a wonderfully written blog post entitled “Students […]