Student Life and Buses.

“SHE’S JUST a student, she won’t see daylight until mid afternoon.” I hear it all […]

Who said structure?

There were the kids who feared going to primary school, and then there were those […]

The National newspaper does more than say Yes.

THE PILOT week of Scotland’s newest newspaper has come to a close and it looks […]

The Power of Twitter: A new way to complain.

People complain, and whinge, and moan, and complain about people whinging and moaning…Twitter and Facebook […]

International Community Media Day 2013 #commedia13 #kinglambie

A little update of our company, King Lambie Productions, latest project and how it went… […]

My Sitcom Life: Barcelona days: NO IDEA.

Okay, first off I apologise for my lack of blogging – now I have no […]

My Sitcom Life: Barcelona Days 11-13

Hola! After the excitement of Rebecca’s visit and the Merce Festival in Barcelona – it […]

My Sitcom Life: Barcelona Days 2, 3 & 4

Hola! The last few days have been university induction days and sorting things out days […]