First Ever Post!

Welcome to my first ever blog. You should feel honoured to be here because for a long time, I stopped writing. I made excuses; exams, work, family and friends. Then I realised that it was because I was scared. I was scared that what I would write would be worthless and unsuccessful. I feared the green line that appears under the words you type when they don’t make sense. I feared that if I wrote about my life as it is just now, then it would all become fiction and wouldn’t be my life anymore.

I realise now that it is important that I write about my life as it is just now, as I am enjoying it, so others can enjoy it too and so I can bring hope to those who want a life like mine. I’m not trying to be big headed because my life isn’t perfect, but it’s mine, and up until now it has gone the way I have planned it. I want to help you realise that life is worth living, that people can be successful and that it’s never too late to change your ways.

At the moment I am living my dream in Glasgow as a student, but this is only part of my dream. This is only the beginning. One day I am going to be successful…make my parents proud and I am going to explain to you right now what I believe success is. For years now I have told my parents that one day I will own and Audi TT, I will travel the world, I will earn lots of money, be able to send them on fancy holidays and pay them back for everything they have done for me. However, that is not what I think success is…that is only the bonus.

Success is a measure of how far you have come…the title successful belongs to people like my own parents – people who started off life with absolutely nothing and built their way up to where they are now. My own Mum started off with nothing, hardly two pennies to rub together…now she has a husband, three children, a beautiful house and a job that she loves. Now that is what I call successful.

One day, I want to be successful. It is just going to be more difficult to measure my success because I started off life as one of the lucky ones. I have two parents, a sister and a brother. I have always had a stable roof over my head and I have had opportunities thrown at me the way most haven’t. Although I may have complained about how hard I have worked to reach certain goals in my life, I have always had a safety net there if I need it. For that I am eternally grateful.

Over the next few weeks and months I am going to write about the most amazing and inspirational people I can find to show you that it is possible to reach your goals…and if you ever come across anyone that you find particularly spectacular in the human race then please email me and let me know…these people deserve to be recognised.

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