Somebody said to me the other day (a friend worryingly enough,) “You can find friends wherever you go, you shouldn’t have to try to keep in touch with people. I don’t.”  I’m not going to lie. This scared me. Not because I thought this friend was going to move on and never speak to me again, but because of all the people I had moved away from and because of all the people I had recently met that I would one day leave.

I had always assumed that nothing was worth doing unless you had your friends doing it with you, right? Who wants to bungee jump, or sky dive, or waterski if you don’t have friends there to do it with you? It just wouldn’t be the same if you were surrounded by strangers. Then I met somebody who had travelled; America, Thailand, India, Dubai…all by herself. And she had what sounded like an awesome time.

She was never on her own or surrounded by strangers because she said that she made friends everywhere she went…she always had somebody to enjoy her experiences with. So my original friend was right, you can find friends wherever you go. Being alone is not something that you should ever be scared of.

As for not trying hard to keep in touch with people, I guess that is up to the individual. I have lots of friends I want to keep in touch with, it may never be the same as when I got to see them everyday, but I am sure there is a reason I chose to be friends with them in the first place.

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